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Star Bar

Established in 1995, Star Bar is the original west 6th street bar. After 20 years, we're proud to say, we still are a neighborhood bar that has retained a lot of it's original clientele. We have three great patios. Our front patio is great for people watching and our back patio is a hidden gem, that is the perfect place to watch the game. Our patios are equipped with 14 flat screen TVs.

We have 17 rotating taps dedicated to dispensing the best beer available in Texas.

As a staff, we love what we do. Many of us have worked at Star Bar for many years. We love football, hockey and sports in general. And we're a craft beer bar that's not scared to show the game. We may surprise you how unlike West 6th street we really are.


Jared Weikert

My name is Jared Weikert, I was born tough right here in the streets of Austin! Yep, one of the OG’s from the 512.

I decided to marry the booze game 12 years ago and have never looked back. I have brought my love for bourbon to Star Bar and my knowledge of cars, too.

I'm still trying to figure out where they connect, but for now I will make you a great old fashioned with some jokes on the side.

I once tried stand up comedy…don’t ask me about it because it brings back nightmares.

Come see the guy with the sock game on point and the one who poses on the bar for photos!

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Ty Patterson

Nice to meet y’all, I’m Ty!

Here’s a little background on me and how I ended up slinging drinks at this sports bar in the heart of Texas.

I moved to Austin with my family from Ft. Irwin, CA when I was 3 years old; Charges/Padres for life though. Let’s talk sports.

Good conversation and meeting new people is what drew me to this industry. I really enjoy getting to help others out and make someone’s day (it’s a wonder I didn’t end up in nursing school).

In my free time I enjoy hanging out with my friends at the arcade, bowling alley, or online, gaming. Honestly anything competitive strikes my interest.

Come down and have a drink with us. Cheers!