Star Bar

Established in 1993, Star Bar is the original west 6th street bar. After 20 years, we're proud to say, we still are a neighborhood bar that has retained a lot of it's original clientele. We have two great patios. Our front patio is great for people watching and our back patio is a hidden gem, that is the perfect place to watch the game. The back patio is equipped with 8 televisions. 5 of which are 70 inches. We also tout one of the best BBQ trailers in Texas, Valentinas. We have 11 rotating taps dedicated to dispensing that best beer available in Texas. Our staff loves beer. We currently have 3 certified beer servers on staff. As a staff, we love what we do. Many of us have worked at Star Bar for many years. We love football, hockey and sports in general. And we're a craft beer bar that's not scared to show the game. We may surprise you how unlike West 6th street we really are.


Paul Mounce

Howdy y’all. I’m Paul. I’ve been in love with this town and its people since day one. Been around the world and there is no place I’d rather be than ATX. I’ve been working downtown for the better part of 5 years and love providing Star Bar patrons with the highest level of service, because honestly our patrons provide me the best life I could have hoped for.

I love beer, baseball, whisky, brisket, queso, my dog Dutch, soccer, superman comics, cattle, music, and learning about new stuff.

Swing by the bar, have a pint, say hi, and always remember “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants to see us happy.” - Ben Franklin


Matt Bio.jpg

Matt Johnson

I hail from a region of the north, visited by few, flown over by many. A place where people say “pop”-- not soda and put their chili over spaghetti noodles, piled high with cheddar. A state that has produced the likes of “Bone Thugs-N-Harmony,” “The Black Keys,” and eight, yes eight, of our fine nation's Presidents. Coincidentally, the best football team in all the world also happens to call this state home…. The Ohio State Buckeyes.

I’ve lived in Austin for nearly 2 years and have been in the service industry for 6. I like to say I chose the bar industry, but we both know that’s not the truth. The gods of whiskey and the gods of beer, the old gods and the new, they chose me, and with my 3 young dragons I shall take my rightful seat on ‘The Iron Throne’. Customers often say, “Matt, we just came for the drinks… but we had to stay for that shake!” I am an enthusiast of all things whiskey and all things craft beer. I’m very keen on hitting the trails and camping when I have the opportunity to explore some good ol’ Texas hill country. I am a devoted dog father, a zealous grill master, and a sports fanatic.

Next time you stop into Star Bar, come say hi. You’ll probably leave still not loving mezcal or fernet, Cleveland sports, or wanting to visit Ohio for your next vacation-- but I’m sure going to try to convince you that you should.

Go Buckeyes!


Marshall Provenzano

I'm Marshall. I could be considered an O.G. in the service industry having started in the biz in 2001. I left my home in Las Vegas, Nevada over a year ago to travel the country, and I ended up in Austin. I could not be happier here with all the southern hospitality. I feel right at home.

I love learning about, and pouring new craft beers and cocktails. All while adding a bit of my own Vegas swagger. My interests include, sports (watching and playing), camping, fishing, swimming, floating the river at San Marcos or boating on Lake Austin. Basically you can count me in for any outdoor activities. Also going out with my friends for some BBQ, beers and whiskey.