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She’s backkkkkk 👀👀 Reserve your Hail Mary @schallerstube edition for NEXT Sunday, May 19! Complete with a full on dawg on top, donuts for dessert, tini weenies, cheese & pickles!

May the Horse Be With You! Celebrate the Kentucky Derby & May the Fourth at the only place you should — Star Bar. Mint Juleps, Light Saber Cocktails & light vs dark {side} beer.

Some of the best things are the WURST! Maybe you’ve heard, maybe you haven’t, but @schallerstube’s new home is right here at Star Bar! Their first day is tomorrow at 11 AM in our backyard! 🌭💗💫

From high-scream cocktail to our Hail Mary! Who’s ready to celebrate this Easter Sunday 🤗 Slide into our DMs to reserve yours for today! 📷:: @timeofdre

High-Scream shake looking mighty delicious for our 4:20 Celebration. Complete with a cookie on top! We’ll be serving this little dandy & free @tacobell** (**while supplies last) on Saturday! ✨👩🏽‍🚀👨🏻‍🚀👽✨

Thank you to everyone who braved the ⛈ storm last Saturday for our crawfish boil! Y’all are the real MVPs‼️ We hope our boil next year will be a little more sunny ☀️

It may be raining outside, but we’re covered for mudbugs🦞🔥 we’re serving until sold out! $10 per pound or $30 all-you-can-eat wristbands** (** limited number of AYCE wristbands available, so get here early before they’re gone!)

Happy Friday, y'all! We are boiling RAIN or SHINE, tomorrow! We'll have 1000 pounds to cook. Crawfish is available until we sell out! Once we are out, we are out, folks! Party starts at NOON! $10 per pound or $30 all-you-can-eat wristbands** **REMINDER:: All-You-Can-Eat Wristbands will be LIMITED! Get here early to snag yours! {📸:: @capitalcrawfishcompany}

THIS Saturday, we’re going CRAY with @capitalcrawfishcompany starting at noon until sold out‼️ $10 per pound or $30 ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT wristbands** **LIMITED NUMBER OF AYCE WRISTBANDS WILL BE SOLD, GET HERE EARLY!! ONCE WE'RE OUT, WE'RE OUT** Helpful Crawfish Tips:: 1. We will be selling a LIMITED amount of All-You-Can- Eat wristbands, so get here early to claim yours!! Once they are out, THEY ARE OUT! 2. Crawfish will be available until SOLD OUT. The end time on our Facebook event is a guesstimate of when the event will end. It is not a hard time of when it will end. We will do our best to update the group on how many pounds are left on the day of the event. 3. If you haven't been to one of our famous boils, know that you will need to get here early for crawfish! Y'all ALWAYS show the love when we boil! 🦞🔥🦞🔥🦞🔥🦞🔥🦞🔥🦞🔥

Blake made our #Texasindependeceday even more TEX-TRA!! Which one of y’all is going home with @buceestexas #beavernuggets 😍😍

It’s almost the weekend and almost time to be #texcellent!! ⭐️ Free @whataburger from noon - 1 PM* {*while supplies last} ⭐️ @heb giftcard giveaway ⭐️ @buceestexas Beaver shots ⭐️ @lonestarbeer specials SATURDAY, MARCH 2!

⭐️SAVE THE DATE// March 2 ⭐️ Star Bar is big and bright, Deep in the Heart of Texas! We love Texas just as much as we love @whataburger & @heb , so we created the ULTIMATE Texas Independence Day to celebrate our LONE STAR(BAR) STATE! Come on down for Whataburger* (*while supplies last from NOON to 1 PM), HEB gift card giveaway, @bucc_ees Beaver Shots & Texas Beers on special! **Bonus points if you show up in your best Texas outfit!